Cant boot fresh install of freebsd 6.2 or dell poweredge 6650

Craig Russell crussell_1969 at
Thu Apr 12 16:22:22 UTC 2007

Very newbie mistake, which I finally figured out. 
That will teach me to read the vendors instructions
more carefully than the OS documentation.  Basically
the problem was that I followed the instructions of
the software that I will be installing on this server
for the partitioning scheme.  They recommended a
seperate partition for "boot" and this evidently does
not work for freebsd, which makes sense since it
probably isn't mounted at boot time.  As I was looking
through the bsd install guides, I noticed this was
never done so I gave that a try and voila!, everything
works as expected.


Craig Russell

--- Derek Ragona <derek at>

> At 09:21 AM 4/12/2007, Craig Russell wrote:
> >I am a newbie using freebsd and have run into a
> >problem on a new install on a dell poweredge 6650. 
> I
> >am installing to a hardeware raid 1 on an LSI Logic
> >raid controller.  The installation appears to go
> well
> >but after a reboot the freebsd boot manager comes
> up
> >with F1 to boot Freebsd (or default) and then it
> >complains of no boot loader followed by a "no
> >/boot/kernel/kernel" error.
> >
> >The default boot parameter is
> >0:ad(0,d)/boot/kernel/kernel
> >
> >I've tried different slices with the same results. 
> I
> >have tried using the MBR instead of the freebsd
> boot
> >manager.  I have tried different bios settings on
> the
> >raid card (LSI logic in the poweredge 6650).  I'm
> not
> >really sure what to try next.  I've even tried to
> >install it on a different machine on a single sata
> >drive with the same result.  I am obviously doing
> >something wrong but I can't for the life of me
> figure
> >out what it is.
> >
> >Thank you for any help or direction you can
> provide.
> If you have tried on two systems, one with a
> standard IDE/SATA drive and 
> that failed to boot as well, I would suspect the
> install media is bad.  I 
> would download a new ISO and burn a new cd.  You
> might try an ISO from a 
> different mirror.  It is possible your CD is foobar.
>  Be sure you get the 
> correct disk 1 ISO from whatever mirror you use.
>          -Derek
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