Port removal

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at dial.pipex.com
Thu Apr 12 14:41:43 UTC 2007

Steve Bertrand wrote:

>Hi all,
>On RELENG_6_2, I'm going to be installing chillisoft from ports.
>However, when I first ran 'make', there was an initial configuration
>window came up before compile. I selected the wrong options (I realized
>this after the make was complete). I did not do a 'make install'.
>I tried to 'make clean', distclean then I removed the entire port from
>the ports system and re 'supped it and still, when I run make again, the
>configuration dialog does not appear.
"make config"  (re)does the config

"make rmconfig"  removes a config so that running "make" will ask you 
the questions again.

All information courtesy of "man ports".


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