FileSystem Fix

illoai at illoai at
Thu Apr 12 08:04:55 UTC 2007

On 12/04/07, Chris Hesselrode <chriscitrix at> wrote:
> My friend took out a hard disk we had in a computer, that ran an
> internal web server, threw it in a new box, as a secondary drive. Now
> that I've smacked him around a bit, and put it back in the original
> box, it won't boot. When doing an fsck it comes back with:
> mount reload of '/' failed: No such file or directory
> Can't stat /dev/ad6s1e: No such file or directory (6 times ... with
> different ending letters)
> How can I fix this?
> In the /dev there are only:
> ad4
> ad4s1
> ad4s1a
> ad4s1b
> ad4s1c
> ad4s1d
> ad4s1e
> ad4s1f

It seems to me that your fstab is expecting
/dev/ad6* and the drive is now on /dev/ad4.
You might be able to plug it into another
controller and have it work.

Otherwise you will have to go through the tedium
of passing the root device to the boot loader[1],
booting into single user mode, fsck-ing by device
number, mount /dev/ad6s1a /, editing the /etc/fstab,
and continuing the boot from there.

[1] I am not certain you need to do this.


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