Proper list server? (was Re: Automatic means for spinning down disks available?)

L Goodwin xrayv19 at
Wed Apr 11 19:14:56 UTC 2007

Well, Jonathan, since you asked, here are the things I've found cumbersome about freebsd-questions, some/all of which may be due to my own ignorance:

1) I get all email posted to freebsd-questions in my inbox (actually, some end up in "bulk mail" folder). That's a lot of mail to wade through. I'm trying to get a system up and running so I can move on to the next task.
I suppose I could set up some email filtering rules to limit what comes in.

2) To reply to an email, I have to copy/paste "freebsd-questions at" into the "To" field. If I forget to do this, my reply gets send to the sender only.
See? I almost forgot to do it for this reply. :-}

One feature I like about (some) list servers is the ability to send a private message to another member. This comes in handy when one person is helping troubleshoot a problem, and you don't need everybody on the list to get involved.

Jonathan McKeown <jonathan at> wrote: On Wednesday 11 April 2007 05:12, L Goodwin wrote:
> For starters, how about getting this mail group on a proper list server?
> I'll gladly help if there is anything I can do other than get in the way...

I normally try not to be rude, but...

what on Earth are you talking about? What is it about a Mailman installation 
on a host within the domain that renders it less than proper?

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