looking for something like an embedded ftp server

Derrill Guilbert derrill at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 17:55:50 UTC 2007

I've been given an old machine, and asked to turn it into an ftp server. It
will got on its own IP, separate from the one our LAN uses. It will have
three read-only users and maybe five read/write users. It will contain
design data that we're transferring to the offices in China. That is, we
will upload it from here in at the main office, and the China staff will
download it to implement the little containers we're building.

This does not need to be secure beyond password protection necessarily,
though some sort of secure FTP would be fine.

What I would really prefer is some sort of BSD based simple FTP server
setup. I've found several BSD based router/firewall/whatever servers out
there, such as m0n0wall and pfsense, among others, and I would like
something that simple for an FTP server. That is, I want to be able to
install the server and then only have to configure users, no mess with
hardening things and setting up pf or so ...

Does such a thing exist? Am I needlessly complicating things for myself in
another way (often the case, I'm little more than a user when it comes to

Any kind of guidance on this topic would be appreciated --- if what I want
to do can be done with a custom install of FreeBSD, that'd be wonderful

Thank you in advance for any guidance.


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