Boot failure after installation

L Goodwin xrayv19 at
Wed Apr 11 02:48:08 UTC 2007

Is there a way to run the "FDISK" tool outside of the freebds installer? How do I change the disk configuration without reinstalling freebsd every @#$%@#$% time?

I really want to set up a FreeBSD server and appreciate the learning experience, but it's way past the point where I should have switched to an OS that will actually run on my client's server. If I don't get it going tonight, I'm going to install the first Linux distribution that says "Hey, Sailor"...  =8-0

BTW, I burned a freeSBIE 2.0.1 Live CD, but have no idea what to do with it. Yes, I am pathetically clueless. Thanks for your patience!

Derek Ragona <derek at> wrote:   One other thing that might be happening is if the geometry of the drive isn't allowing an extended translation because of the age of your hardware, you may need to keep the boot partition, that is the entire boot partition (not talking slices here) within the first 1024 cylinders.  In the partition tool in sysinstall you can change the display to show different units, and one of those will be cylinders.  The 1024 cylinder limit is from older BIOS translations and if the boot partition extended beyond 1024 the system will give that same error you are getting.

 With older hardware you may need to use multiple partitions instead of slices.  You can have 4 partitons on a drive (4 is hardcoded in the partition table size and a location) so you can add additional partitions for swap and /usr if you want.  Any partitions you use for filesystems like /usr the boot manager will see and offer to boot them.  They won't boot of course.  Swap partitions are ignored by the boot manager. 

 Otherwise, I'd suspect it is a problem with the 6.2 you are using then.  If you try with a boot within the 1024 (I wouldn't push that to the limit I'd say try like 950 cylinders) then I would try an earlier version such as 6.1 or 6.0.

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