flp floppies

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Tue Apr 10 21:15:26 UTC 2007

My first post. Apologies if I am directing the question to the wrong area.

I am determined to load a copy of FreeBSD, for development purposes, on to 
my machine.

I will then have windows XP Professional and FreeBSD on the same machine, 
sharing the harddrive.

I have loaded FreeBSD on before successfully, but have taken it down to 
reload it in what I understand is a better method. eg setting up CVS before 
loading any ports. Now I am stuck.

Here are some of the reasons why.

First problem. I have booted from 3.5 in floppies ( yes I like to do things 
the hard way) I also do not know how to load from a cd.

Since I first downloaded and copied the flp files I have load a copy of 
Flash on my machine. Now the FLP files are Flash Project Files. How do I 
change that? and what type of program should it open with? ( Via right click 
of mouse).

Thanks in advance 

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