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> At 02:11 PM 4/10/2007, Marc G. Fournier wrote:
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>> Does anyone know of a reasonably priced one?  Our newer servers, we've been
>> using HP servers, so that we have this built in, but I have 6 older servers
>> that I'd love to be able to deal with remotely without headaches ... I only
>> need to be able to access one at a time ...
>> I've tried the 'serial console' route, but if the server crashes, logging
>> in to
>> the serial console doesn't show you anything, whereas, with the HP 'remote
>> console' feature, its the same as a KVM, where running it does a screen
>> refresh, so that I can see what is on the screen at the time of the crash ...
> The simplest thing you can do is to make sure you are logging the console
> messages.  I set all remote servers to log the actual console output to a
> separate log file in /etc/syslog.conf adding the line:
> console.info                                    /var/log/console.log
> and adding a line to /etc/newsyslog.conf to rotate the logs:
> /var/log/console.log                    600  5     100  *     J

I'm looking at 'post-crash' kind of error messages ... after the point that the 
hard drives are no longer being written to ... as well as the ability to login 
remotely during a reboot when it gets to teh point that it says 'hit RETURN for 
/bin/sh' because it had a problem with fsck'ng a drive, that sort of thing ...

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