Erroneous delivery of list e-mail (was Re: adding keyboard after reboot with no keyboard )

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Tue Apr 10 17:37:24 UTC 2007

Steven Johnson wrote:
> Hello,
> I am receiving your email because of a screw-up in Gmail. I have no 
> recourse
> but to mark your email as spam and delete it.
> Gmail has been unresponsive in correcting the problem.
> Mr.SDJohnson at

Hi, Steven....

It *might* be a screwup in GMail.  However, I have circumstantial
evidence that suggests it may be otherwise.  I hate to bother you,
but, in the interest of several people who may be affected, could
you send the full source of an e-mail you received from the FreeBSD
list directly to me, and not to the list?  Also, if you have some
convincing evidence that it's GMail, are we allowed to know about it?

I'd like everyone to note that I'm merely curious; this is the
fourth person in 24 hours to say "why in the world am I getting
these e-mails?" or "please unsubscribe me", including 2 G-mail users,
an user, and one who's at/near Abacus America/Aplus in
San Diego.

I'm copying postmaster@ as well, although I doubt it's his problem,
but maybe a "heads up" would be a Good Thing(tm).  My best guess so
far is a messed-up forwarding rule or alias/virtuser somewhere (and
it's a big, big world), or an malicious or incompetent person with
an axe to grind.

To those of you who are receiving these messages, perhaps Mr. Johnson's
recourse is currently your best option.  Also, please note that I am
simply an interested individual, and do not represent the FreeBSD Project,
G-Mail, AOL/AIM, Abacus/A+, the Teamsters/AFL/CIO, CIA/NSA, KGB, Zdnet,
, Yahoo!, Pravda, New York Times, etc., etc.

Kevin Kinsey
If you want to put yourself on the map, publish your own map.

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