Advice on how to memorize images

bram bram at
Tue Apr 10 12:46:28 UTC 2007

Vittorio schreef:
> I'm now moving my first steps in trying to memorize my many digital 
> photos (for the time being some 700 pictures but rapifdly growing, 
> average size among 800-900kb)  in a "centralised system" easy to deal 
> with. I'm now  successfully (but still in an experimental level) using  
> a postgresql 8.0.2 db with its wonderful lo_creat, lo_export, etc 
> functions.
> Unfortunately I've read in the internet many criticism on 
> the use of mysql or pgsql db to memorize images, that this is not an 
> efficient way to do the job (no alternatives seem to be proposed 
> anyway!) because the db easily becomes cumbersome  (isn't that the 
> "core business" of a great db such as mysql or pgsql?).
> Could someone 
> out there tell an almost definite word on this subject with some 
> suggestions (other applications?) based on real experience?
> Ciao
> Vittorio
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I'm not a db guru but

I have done some experimenting with pictures in postgres and was quiet 
happy with it.
I do however prefer to keep the data and the pictures separate because 
some programs have difficulty with pictures in postgres,
or it's just very hard to program.
I now use an http server secured with digest authentication, I then up 
and download the pictures from python.
The main advantages for me are:
-easy to work with, you view your picture from any programming language 
with url support or from any web based solution.
-the pictures are stored on a different raid wich is not as fast as the 
primary but a lot larger.
-database backups remain fast while I can use lots of different methods 
to backup the pics.

I think pictures in the db is not such a problem but if you have a lot 
of pictures (eg 100 gig) it could become a little bit clumsy.
It also depends on the rest of the application.

just my toughts

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