get my off this list

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Tue Apr 10 03:27:19 UTC 2007

kathy91383 at wrote:
>   what is this list 

A list for users of the FreeBSD (UNIX like) computer operating
system to ask questions of other users, basically for "tech

> and why am i on it?!?!
I can't answer that.  Got any enemies? ;-) Or, maybe someone
with a similar address signed you up by mistake.  However,
there should have been a confirmation email sent to you
as well.  It might do well to make sure that your computer
and environment are secure (in other words, that no one else
has access to your e-mail account).

I suppose there are other possibilities;  an error in AOL's
mailservers, perhaps, or, as I suggested above, you're targeted
by someone with an axe to grind and some technical know-how.

I have included a quoted part from the e-mail that you
sent which includes the line "to unsubscribe".  Please
follow that line's instructions, and you should be removed
from the list (after another e-mail confirmation).

If "unsubscribing" doesn't work, I'd set up a filter for
the list traffic, and contact my ISP tomorrow.

Hope this helps,

Kevin Kinsey
FreeBSD User

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