Boot failure after installation

L Goodwin xrayv19 at
Tue Apr 10 01:14:45 UTC 2007

Derek Ragona said:

> Go into the SCSI BIOS and reset the SCSI to default values.  
> If it still gives the same error on bootup, I would go into the SCSI BIOS and 
> low-level format that first drive, and reinstall FreeBSD.  
> On the reinstall, I would just do the partioning for that drive, and then install everything.  
> That way it will run mostly by itself, you can just check on it for the last few prompts of the 
> install finishing up.

Derek, I just did the following, expecting that this would fix the glitch:

1) Reset the SCSI BIOS to Host Adapter Defaults: Matches prior configuration exactly.
2) Run a low-level format on SCSI device #0: No errors.
3) Install FreeBSD 6.2 from scratch. Note: I answered Yes to the prompt
    "ACPI was disabled during boot. Would you like to disable it permanently?".
    I don't think it will boot if I enable ACPI.

4) Ran "Verify Disk Media" on SCSI ID #0: "Disk Verification Complete"

What else could it possibly be? Are there any other diagnostics I can run?
What do you think of the fact that this machine was booting Windows 2000 from the same
SCSI drive prior to installing FreeBSD 6.2?

In case it matters, all SCSI drives are IBM DNES-309170W ULTRA2-LVD.


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