Eric heli at
Mon Apr 9 14:20:37 UTC 2007

Miguel Alcántara wrote:
> hello everybody, I was trying to get working sharity-light, but until now
> it's impossible.
> I have added in /etc/hosts the IP and the name of the XP(fat32 or ntfs),
> created a folder in order to mount.
> foo# cd /
> foo#mkdir share
> foo#shlight //nightwalker/share /share -U foo -P bar
> foo#Using port 5765 for NFS.
> nfs mount /share: [2] No such file or directory
> I'm working on FreeBSD 6.2. Please helpme with this problem.

Install samba and you will then have a program called mount_smbfs which 
will let you mount NT shares. it works MUCH better than sharity (I used 
to use sharity-light back in the day).

syntax looks like:

mount_smbfs -N //someUser at someServer/someShare /someMount/point/

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