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Anthony Rivera Riveraa at wws.k12.in.us
Mon Apr 9 14:01:03 UTC 2007

I hope I am responding to the right person on this one.  Your message
at freebsd.org came up on google for me searching for a harddrive that I
really need.  I am looking to borrow or purchase a Seagate st3300620a
with firmware 3.aac  It came up as part of your system in your message
as a slave drive.  My circuit board on mine set on fire this past week,
and I really need the data on that harddrive.  Using the exact same
circuit board, I am hoping that I can get the data off.  If you have
this drive, is there any way we can work something out where I can
borrow the drive or the circuit board (I would compensate you of
course), or purchase the drive outright?  I could also swap you a brand
new seagate 300gb drive that I just purchased (it didn't have the right
firmware).  Let me know.  Thank you
Tony Rivera
Westfield Middle School
Language Arts Teacher
riveraa at wws.k12.in.us

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