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Alireza Iranbodi a_iranbodi at
Mon Apr 9 08:12:23 UTC 2007


I'm using Argus-Monitroing port to monitor servers on
my network,
Argus can run custom command when server went down
with using something like this in config file :

Method "sendim" {
command: /bin/echo %M | /usr/local/bin/sendxmpp -u AAA
-p BBB -j A.B.C.D %R

A.B.C.D is my jabber server

as you can see argus sends %M for message and %R for

Evrytime i run manually in shell it's ok,but when
argus itself running = nothing .
I setup linux box (FC6) and use same config everything
running fine.
I got same problem with Cacti monitoring on freebsd to

I want to know is there any different between linux
shell and bsd ?
or any suggestion?

My OS = Freebsd 6.2


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