Boot failure after installation

L Goodwin xrayv19 at
Mon Apr 9 06:23:24 UTC 2007

Hello. I tried posting this issue a few hours ago, but it did not appear in my inbox, so I'm
trying once more. I've included details of the install in case it matters (sorry about length).

I'm having trouble getting FreeBSD 6.2 to boot after installation. After a "successful" install,

In order to boot the install CD on this machine, I have to disable ACPI by selecting
"2. Boot FreeBSD with ACPI disabled" from the boot loader menu (the AWARD BIOS does not allow
for disabling ACPI from the BIOS setup program).
At the end of a "successful" install, the installer asks "ACPI was disabled during boot. 
Would you like to disable it permanently?", to which I choose "Yes".

I am choosing to perform a "Standard" install.

Here are my FDISK selections:

Select Drive(s): "da0" (first SCSI drive of 6 9GB drives)

These are my selections in FDISK Partition Editor (before entering "Q"):
Disk name:    da0                FDISK Partition Editor
DISK Geometry:    1115 cyls/255 heads/63 sectors = 17912475 sectors (8746MB)

Offset        Size(ST)    End        Name    PType    Desc    Subtype        Flags

0        63        62        -    12    unused    0        
63        17912412    17912474    da0s1    8    freebsd    165        A
17912475    3765        17916239    -    12    unused    0

Install Boot Manager for drive da0?: Selected "BootMgr" (Install the FreeBSD Boot Manager)
Select Drive(s): "da0" selected for Boot Manager (tab to "OK", press ENTER).

FreeBSD Disklabel Editor (create BSD Paritions): Select "A" (Auto Defaults)...
Disk: da0    Partition name da0s1    Free: 17912412 blocks (8746MB)

Part    Mount        Size    Newfs    Part    Mount        Size    Newfs
----    -----        ----    -----    ----    -----        ----    -----
da0s1a    /        512MB    UFS2    Y
da0s1b    swap        486MB    SWAP
da0s1d    /var        1267MB    UFS2+s    Y
da0s1e    /tmp        512MB    UFS2+s    Y
da0s1f    /usr        5968MB    UFS2+s    Y
...then enter "Q" (Finish).

Choose Distributions: Select "A Minimal".
Choose Installation Media: "1 CD/DVD" (burned my own from FreeBSD-6.2-disk1 ISO image)
"All filesystem information written correctly"...
Distribution extracted successfully...
"Congratulations! You now have FreeBSD installed on your system" (but can't boot!).
Final Configuration: "No" to most questions (configure later). Yes to these:
    Ethernet or SLIP/PPP network devices: fxp0 (Intel EtherExpress Pro/100B PCI Fast Ethernet card
    IPv6 configuration of the interfaces?: No
    DHCP: No
    Bring up fxp0 interface right now?: Yes Failed (only entered hostname --will complete later)
    Network gateway?: No
    inetd?: No
    SSH login?: Yes
    anonymous FTP?: No
    NFS server?: No
    NFS client?: No
    customize system console settings?: No
    machine's time zone?: Yes
        CMOS clock set to UTC?: No
        Region: "2 America -- North and South"
        Country or Region: "45 United States"
        Time zone: "19 Pacific Time" ("PDT")
    Linux binary compatibility?: No
    PS/2 mouse?: Yes (test OK)
    "ACPI was disabled during boot. Would you like to diswable it parmanently?": Yes
    Browse FreeBSD package collection?: No
    Add initial user accounts?: No
    set system manager's password: (done)
    Visit general configuration menu one more time?: No

FreeBSD/i386 6.2-RELEASE - sysinstall Main Menu: Exit Install

Last thing to print to screen:
Boot from ATAPI CD-ROM :  Failure ... 

The first message is expected, as there is no disk in the CD-ROM drive.
If I set Boot Sequence to "C only" in BIOS setup, only the second message appears.

Am I doing something wrong here?
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