Sysinstall does not install GENERIC kernel

Belov, Sergey sbelov at
Mon Apr 9 05:24:05 UTC 2007

> hit the same bug too with FreeBSD-6.1. To workaround this, i've just
> added the distribution set "GENERIC" to dists (this value wasn't
> mentionned on the sysinstall manpage by the way :-( )
> So try with this:
> dists=base GENERIC catpages info manpages proflibs kernel
> distSetCustom

Thank you. I've also found interesting thread here:

It seems that automatic installation mechanism is far from perfect and
there's nobody 
who interested in fixing the problems.

BTW, I've just selected distSetMinimum and in this case kernel was
But except of this a problem I found a new trouble: system commands
which I've put in install.cfg 
doesn't seems to be executed. It just stops with the error 'system -1
command not found' 
or something like that.

Even when the commands are pretty simple like this: 
command="/sbin/shutdown -p now"

It doesn't work and stops with the error.
How about your commands? Can you show some examples of your install.cfg
here if it works properly? :)

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