the art of pkgdb -F

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Mon Apr 9 04:18:34 UTC 2007

Michael P. Soulier writes:

>  > 	Might as well paint "PLEASE KICK ME!" and an arrow pointing
>  > down on your back ....
>  I'm used to binary-package distributions that seem to try a lot
>  harder to not break. I suppose that ports is evolving, and it
>  used to be worse, so I shouldn't complain. Still, if the handbook
>  says to use portupgrade -R to upgrade a port, that's what BSD
>  newbies like me are going to use.

	Don't mistake me - I use portupgrade, and recommend it to
others.  But I know from bitter experience it is /not/ bullet-proof.

				Robert Huff

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