bind9 in a jail

Jonathan Horne freebsd at
Sun Apr 8 16:39:06 UTC 2007

i was setting up bind9 today in 2 jails.  1 jails is the master, and the other 
the slave.  i am reloading 2 machines that were previously physical machines, 
into these jails.  the master went fine, both internal and external views 
work as expected.

setting up the slave, was not so smooth.  i recovered my named.conf from 
backup, and then removed the external portion of the zones (i dont feel like 
messing with trouble invovlved with setting up the 2nd ip on the jail).  over 
the past few days while i was setting this up, the master was already in 
operation, and has had several edits to a few zones.  when i reloaded the 
slave versions from backup into my new slave, and started named, the slaved 
did not update their zonefiles to match the new serial numbers.    i fixed 
this by stopping named, deleting the zone files, and restarting it again.  
thankfully, the slave zones all instantly populated, creating matching serial 
numbers to the ones that are running on the master.

do master-to-slave transfers work as expected in a jail, or did i just see 
some abnormal behavior (possibly due to me not waiting long enough for 
transfer to happen on its own)?

Jonathan Horne
freebsd at

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