tcl84 on FreeBSD 6.2 make error (new user)

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Sun Apr 8 07:35:53 UTC 2007

Ben Madin wrote:
> G'day all,
> I'm sorry but I am new to FreeBSD, and I am not sure what tcl84 is, but
> when I tried to install gdal, using portmanager after many hours it told
> me that tcl84 had an error, so that was that.
> when I went to ports/lang/tcl84 and tried make install clean it didn't
> work either.
> there were lots of errors like
> /usr/ports/lang/tcl84/work/tcl8.4.14/unix/ undefined
> reference to 'sin' (or 'cos' or 'tan')
> so I'm guessing that there is some mathematical thing that it needs, but
> nearly every package I have tried to build from ports seems to require
> this tcl at some point, so my first few days of FreeBSD are not going as
> well as I hoped... after much documentation searching and googling etc,
> I come to this point for help (at least on how to get more help)
> cheers
> Ben

Could you provide the exact set of error messages please? If you're
running via and ssh shell in an X11 terminal of some kind (xterm,
rxterm, kterm, Gterminal, etc) on a unix machine you can simply
highlight the text, and paste in a mail window.

Otherwise, you can redirect the output from the stderr for the compile
to a file as follows..

For Bourne shells:
rm -Rf /full/path/to/stderr.log; make install
1>>/full/path/to/stderr.log 2>>/full/path/to/stderr.log

For C-shells:
rm -Rf /full/path/to/stderr.log; make install |& tee

.. then please post it to on a website (preferrable) or take only the
relevant messages near the error and reply with that in your next email.

Thanks and cheers,

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