FreeMat 3.0 doesn't call functions and help

Vittorio De Martino vittorio at
Sat Apr 7 17:35:52 UTC 2007

I've just installed FreeMat 3.0 from the ports in my i386 6.2 box but, while 
it is able to accomplish simple calculations it is not able to use the 
functions e.g to invert a matrix


instead of inverting the matrix hangs endlessly.

Besides if I ask for the "help on line" (OR helpwin) the following error 
messages pops up  

"The file modules.txt is missing from the directory  where I think help files 
should be."
I think I didn't configure something but I don't know what (the main.pdf 
manual isn't that helpful as far as the installation is concerned).

Could someone out there help me to start FreeMat?


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