slightly OT - my freebsd email topology

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Sat Apr 7 04:33:10 UTC 2007

Derek Ragona wrote:
> At 12:36 PM 4/5/2007, Jonathan Horne wrote:
>> currently, my email server is just a single box, accepting and sending emails
>>from and to the internet.  spamassassin and sendmail, and so far, it works
>> satisfactory.
>> i would like to change it up, so that i have a pair of servers doing MX 
>>from the
>> internet, which then passes to an internal server for delivery.  if i do 
>> that, i
>> could remove spamassassin from the internal server, and run it on just the 2
>> external.  all those configurations is really not my issue here... what im
>> really pondering is how would external servers that are seperate from 
>> where the
>> target mailboxes are, know which addressess are acceptable and which to 
>> return a
>> 550?
>> does anyone have any setups that are similar to this, and could advise me or
>> point me in the right direction?
>> thanks,
>> jonathan
> Generally you want to filter and bounce mail at the point of origin, so 
> your mail server that first accepts the mail.  As long as you have the 
> bandwidth on that server you would spam check, virus check there, bouncing 
> any bad ones.  Then forward to your internal server only clean mail for 
> delivery.

Bounces generate backscatters. The idea is to filter and *reject*
(instead of bouncing) at the point of origin.


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