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Sat Apr 7 02:39:11 UTC 2007

On Friday 06 April 2007, Tsu-Fan Cheng said:
> hi,
>     my computer gets DHCP IP from my router, and also writes my
> resolve.confin my /etc by dhclient (as I learned from the
> handbook). It writes "search
>" and "nameserver" in the
> resolve.conf. I found this is not very efficient. Once I put
> "nameserver" (which is actually copied from the router
> status), my network works better. But since dhclient keeps change
> the conf file back to the way it was, Is there anyway i can make
> dhclient writes down this line?? thank you!!

Put the following into /etc/dhclient.conf changing the interface to 

interface "ath0"   {
	supersede domain-name-servers;

See man(5) dhclient.conf for more options.

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