Skype will can't connect.

Paris Jones arckeda at
Fri Apr 6 03:01:35 UTC 2007

 Using FreeBSD 6.0 Stable.
Using the linux_base-8 port.

I have decided to make a new post about this problem because my old one was very
badly written and I am sure no one could figure out my problem.
I would like to try Skype, but the port will only allow me to use ONE of my devices
at a time, so my headset can't hear and talk at the same time, I have to manually 
swich between the headset and speaker device.  (There is something called DSP 
hijacker for this which I do not want to mess with.)  I thought that perhaps using the linux version would help, I downloaded the linux static tar.gz with QT compiled in, 
and when I opened it, I was please to find that in the tools section there is an option
for both your input and output device.  However, I was upset to find out that I could
not call or be called in this version.

So, do wrap things up, my problem is:
"When using the linux build of skype, I can not call or be  called, I can't even call 
the voice testing service."
My question is:
"How can I start calling people and be called?"
Again, I am using FreeBSD 6 and the linux-base-8 port.

Any help would be appricated, thanks.
PS: Sorry about sending you so many emails dude, I kept pressing the 
wrong button...

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