backup solution for home FreeBSD server

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Fri Apr 6 00:26:21 UTC 2007

Vlad Skvortsov writes:

>  I'm looking for an external backup solution for my FreeBSD file
>  server.  I want it to be pluggable via USB interface (I'd share
>  it with a couple of servers). I'd also like to be able to move
>  backups to an off-site storage, so external HDD won't probably
>  work for me. My data size is currently about 50G, but I expect it
>  to grow to about 250G. My price range is below $300.
>  Suggestions?

	Check out Addonics, particularly the Saturn system.
	I have one of these:

	and it's worked just fine - with one exception - for the last
several months.  The exception is transfer speed: for reasons
confounding diagnosis, I am only getting ~2mbytes/sec across a USB
2.0 connection.
	Now if I could only find a source for inexpensive (<$20) 80
Gbyte IDE hard drives ....

					Robert Huff

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