cardbus card driver problem

Michele Endrici bichele at
Thu Apr 5 12:17:28 UTC 2007

Hallo everybody,
I have a problem with a ComBlock COM1300 cardbus card

I need to get this card working on my laptop since I need to work on
it for my thesis project. I wrote a driver for this card but I don't
know if it works or not becouse a I get a cardbus detection error on
booting. Dmesg with all hw.cbb and hw.cardbus debug options enabled
gives me this output:

cbb0: card inserted: event=0x00000000, state=30000821
cbb0: cbb_power: 3V
TUPLE: LINKTARGET [3]: 43 49 53
Product version: 5.2
Product name: MSS | COM 1300 |
Manufacturer ID: feff0101
TUPLE: Unknown(0x04) [6]: 03 01 00 00 00 00
TUPLE: Unknown(0x05) [11]: c1 39 71 b5 1e 66 76 54 02 a1 03
cardbus0: Opening BAR: type=IO, bar=10, len=0100
cardbus0: Opening BAR: type=MEM, bar=14, len=100000
CIS reading done
cardbus0: Non-prefetchable memory at 90000000-900fffff
cardbus0: IO port at 4000-40ff
cardbus0: <old, non-VGA display device> at device 0.0 (no driver attached)
cbb0: cbb_power: 0V

Is this problem related to my laptop hardware configuration or is it a
driver problem?? other?? What is TUPLE (0x04 o 0x05) problem??

Any suggestion??

Tanks in advance.


Michele Endrici
Via carraia 4 - Don - TN
tel: 348-7295670
bichele at

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