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Olivier Regnier oregnier at steelbox.org
Thu Apr 5 11:25:12 UTC 2007

illoai at gmail.com a écrit :
> On 04/04/07, Olivier Regnier <oregnier at steelbox.org> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I tried to use the bar program to show a progress bar in my shell 
>> script.
>> I tested with this command in console:
>> bar -c 'csup -L 0 /root/csup/doc-supfile'
>> I see the progress bar but she doesn't work. I think the syntax is
>> correct no ?
>> For informations, i use Zsh.
> If you are using textproc/bar, from reading the webpage
> http://www.theiling.de/projects/bar.html
> the answer seems to be no.  That bar seems to work as
> a substitute for cat(1), or with the -c flag as a wrapper.
> Since you are not putting files into the pipe, but rather
> pulling them out, bar cannot see the size of the job and
> so determine what portion is finished or not.
> There also appears to be a misc/clpbar which may be
> closer to what you want here.
Hello, thank you for your answer. I tested clpbar with this command:
csup /root/csup/doc-supfile | bar -s 100m -nan
but there is a problem and in console, i have  this:
27.0B at 27.0B/s eta: +99:99:99 0% [=      ]
27.0B at 27.0B/s eta: +99:99:99 0% [=      ]
27.0B at 27.0B/s eta: +99:99:99 0% [=      ]
27.0B at 27.0B/s eta: +99:99:99 0% [=      ]
perhaps, i can't use this program with csup ?

Thank you :)

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