Should sudo be used?

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Thu Apr 5 09:20:42 UTC 2007

On 4/5/07, Victor Engmark <victor.engmark at> wrote:
> Well, the standard argument is that with sudo you don't have to worry about
> executing something as root which you intended to execute as a normal user.

> That's good enough for me, but are there any disadvantages except just
> having another package & config file?
None that I know about

>Is sudo slow or incompatible with certain commands?
None that I know about

> Does it have a bad security track record?

> Is it still maintained, and will it be maintained in the foreseeable future?
Yes, it's still maintained, but as you can see from the CVS logs, not
actively developed. I can't tell you if it's because sudo's pretty
"done", or  because simply nobody's improving it.

> Does it conflict with other packages? Etc..
$ grep CONFLICTS /usr/ports/security/sudo/Makefile
Exit 1

Apparently not..

> Thanks for your answers! It seems this is not quite as resolved for FreeBSD
> as for Ubuntu et al..
Hope this helps..

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