ezjail on FreeBSD 6.2

Don Munyak don.munyak at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 04:49:36 UTC 2007

Hello Dave...responses below

On 4/4/07, Dave <dmehler26 at woh.rr.com> wrote:
> Hello,
>     Is anyone running ezjail on 6.2?

Yes, 6.2-stable GENERIC. At install time I created a separate
partition for, /usr/jails which makes it default to the ezjail-admin
create jail default location.

> I've got to set up three similar jails
> and i'd like to run them off of one base. I'd like to create a jail flavor,
> where one jail has file x while the others do not.

My limited understanding of Flavours...These are like templates to
quick rebuild or create 'like' jail containers. While your maybe
similiar, what x is (and how big) may make them different.

> Two problems i'm having
> with flavors is one adding packages such as shells

Got me here. Something I need to learn as well.

> , and two adding users and
> giving them the shells just added?

I would think the adding users could either be done from an ssh
session into a running jail, or using # jexec JID adduser. I'm not
sure how to do the shells, except to say that I know I read
somewhere...where you can setup/change the default shell, then for
each new user added, they would get this profile.

> I'd also like it if i could mount my host
> system's ports tree in the jail itself, so i wouldn't have to get multiple
> copies of the ports tree. The only way i've found thus far of doing this is
> via nullfs on the base system and was wondering if there was an easier
> method of doing this?

Now this one I know can be done a couple of different ways. First is
in the FAQ. The other is in a post I just made last week for the same
reason. I read man ezjail-admin. Just issue the following

# ezjail-admin update -p.
This will update existing ezjails to have access to the host ports
tree. From within a running jail, when you type # cd /usr/ports, your
will really be going to /basejail/usr/ports. pkg_add -r and make/make
install clean all  work fine.

Ezjail also has a list you can join, if interested...although it is
not very active. Responses are reasonably quick, given the support is
free :)


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