Network Filesystem for BSD / Linux environment

Jay Deiman jay at
Wed Apr 4 15:26:41 UTC 2007

Tommy Scheunemann wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm running 2 server, one with FreeBSD and one with Linux. Now I want to 
> synchronize data between the 2 servers, over the internet so using NFS 
> isn't a solution at all.
> Are there other possible ways of doing it ? AFS still seems in a 
> development state and Rsync over SSH might be another possible way of 
> doing it - would be just good if everything runs in background without 
> any interaction.
> Thanks in advance for any help

If you actually want to "sync" the data between 2 machines, NFS/AFS 
isn't really going to do anything for you.  It would just grant access 
to the information remotely.  If you truly want to sync the data, rsync 
over ssh is the way to go.  It's pretty easy to get it running in the 
background, just set up a cron job that runs at your desired interval 
(once a day, twice a day, every 5 minutes, etc.) to do the dirty work. 
That should sync you up without any interaction.

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