Non Interactive passwd change via script....

Vince jhary at
Wed Apr 4 14:41:37 UTC 2007

Agus wrote:

> OK..thanks for the heads up about responding....
> The problem isnt adding the user....i ve done that......the problem is
> creating the password for the user as i tried to say in the first email...
Assuming you dont mean actually generating the password maybe you need the
  -h fd
flag to pw
or more specificly (from the manpage)
 pw will prompt for the user's password if -h 0 is given,
 nominating stdin as the file descriptor on which to read
 the password.  Note that this password will be read only
 once and is intended for use by a script rather than for
 interactive use.

so something like
echo PASSWD | pw add user wibble -h 0
will create a user wibble with password of PASSWD

echo $PASSWORD | pw add user $USERNAME -h 0
setting $PASSWORD and $USERNAME as needed.


> thanks kevin,
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