Non Interactive passwd change via script....

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Wed Apr 4 00:43:49 UTC 2007

Agus wrote:
>>> Hi everybody....
>>> its been a few days now, since im trying to do a tcsh script to automatize
>>> the process of creating users in my system....
>>> Users register via web, and info is saved in a MySQL DB and in a
>>>   file. the
>>> script reads from the file and begins adding users with pw.
>>> but im stuck on how to create the password for the users. the
>>>     only solution
>>> that worked was the use of expect, but it consumes a lot of resources
>>> (7.8%System). Now that isnt a problem cause the users are few. but if
>>> it has to
>>> add a lot of users?? it will kill my server....
>>> any hints will be apreciated.....
>>     pw(8)  ??
> I cant find the way to do it with pw....
> thanks....

Please keep the list in the TO: or CC: field on your
replies ... thanks!

Works fine here as described in pw(8):

[root at archangel][~]
$ id test
id: test: no such user

[root at archangel][~]
$ pw useradd -n test

[root at archangel][~]
$ id test
uid=1020(test) gid=1026(test) groups=1026(test)

[root at archangel][~]
$ finger test
Login: test                             Name: User Test
Directory: /home/test                   Shell: /bin/sh
Never logged in.
No Mail.
No Plan.


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