can I use info from gentoo installation?

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Wed Apr 4 00:05:20 UTC 2007

Jeff D. Hamann wrote:
> 1) If I try installing FreeBSD, will I be using much of the information 
> about the drivers etc. from linux (linux binary compat, etc.)?

Not really at all, AFAIK.
> 2) I've tried getting FreeBSD (4.9, 5.X, <6.2) to work before on this 
> laptop and couldn't even get the NIC to light up (neither of them) and 
> the system doesn't have a floppy drive, so getting downloaded files onto 
> the machine is tough, at best. When I tried using the USB stick, the 
> machine would reboot each time I removed the stick. A no-go for use in 
> my book. Are these troubles fixed in the 6.2?

Has it a CD-ROM drive?  Certainly that's the quickest way to
install FreeBSD, as most other OSes.  Plus, you could download
the latest FreeSBIE Live CD ( and see for yourself
if the machine will work with a fairly up-to-date codebase.  I
believe that the latest FreeSBIE is using 6.2-RELEASE as a base.

I've got a USB "pen drive" that works fine and has for some time.
OTOH, I've got a "treo" like device that causes panics, last I
checked, and so I'm not using it much anymore.  For the most
part, I've had little trouble at all with USB devices on FBSD.

> 3) Will I be generating a one time thing by installing BSD on this 
> laptop using the linux guide or are there others that need this 
> information. I don't mind spending some time (I do have to get real work 
> done) if it benefits others, but I don't have the time, if I can spend 
> it better (like earning income!)
Use the FreeBSD Handbook.  (  The
work has already been done for you ;-)

> 3) Is this really worth the trouble, or does anyone have any experience 
> with gentoo that they're willing to share that is convincing enough to 
> simply forget this exercise and move on :-(

I dropped Windows for FreeBSD 3 years ago (give or take) and have
hardly looked back.

You might wish to Google for "freebsd laptop compatibility list" (there
are a couple out there) and see if your make/model is on any of them.
Also, try mailing the mobile list (freebsd-mobile at and
maybe the chat list (freebsd-chat at and asking if anyone
has experience with this particular model.

Good luck!

Kevin Kinsey
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