php5 and SQL Scripts

Kevin Kinsey kdk at
Mon Apr 2 20:59:02 UTC 2007

Bill Moran wrote:
> In response to Martin McCormick <martin at>:
>> 	About 4 years ago, we installed php from the FreeBSD
>> ports collection on a system in order to query a MS-SQL data
>> base on another server.  It worked fine until we upgraded to
>> FreeBSD6.2 and php5.  I had moved the old binary across and also pulled several
>> libraries in to /usr/local/lib and the old binary seemed to be
>> happy until we actually tried to use it at which time it hung
>> until manually killed.
>> 	After installing /usr/ports/lang/php5 and even trying
>> /usr/ports/lang/php4, our new php gives the following error:
>> Fatal error: Call to undefined function mssql_connect()
> Install /usr/ports/databases/php5-mssql
> Don't know what you're doing with all that "moving binaries around", but
> make sure you didn't overwrite something.  If you did, you may need to
> completely reinstall PHP.

Which isn't so much fun :-(

Martin, did you install /usr/ports/lang/php5-extensions ?  It's been
quite a while (see /usr/ports/UPDATING), but a lot of functions that
PHP "traditionally" has are part of the "extensions" port, so you may
find yourself banging your head on a few of these sorts of issues
unless you've installed that as well (for example, session support,
GD support, CURL support, SOAP, XML, etc.)


Kevin Kinsey

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