php5 and SQL Scripts

Martin McCormick martin at
Mon Apr 2 20:38:53 UTC 2007

Bill Moran writes:
> Don't know what you're doing with all that "moving binaries around", but
> make sure you didn't overwrite something.  If you did, you may need to
> completely reinstall PHP.

	First of all, thanks to all who replied.  I missed the 
php5-mssql port, thinking that php5 was all I needed.  The
moving binaries phase was after we moved to a new platform and I
rebuilt all our directories.  I had carefully used tar xfk to
recover /usr/local/bin from our previous system.  For the 2 or 3
libraries I brought over to make the php binary work, I checked
before copying to make sure there was nothing of the same name.
When I discovered it didn't work, I looked at /usr/ports and
discovered the php4 and php5 ports and did, in fact, properly
build php.

	Now, php is hanging again which makes me think there is
a problem between this system and the SQL server we communicate
with.  Our campus had Spring Break week before last and lots of
systems were upgraded and or modified.  It's like trying to find
that one dead Christmas tree lamp in a series string of 100
which is killing the whole string.

Martin McCormick

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