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Apatewna apatewna at yahoo.gr
Sun Apr 1 15:29:09 UTC 2007

O/H Garrett Cooper έγραψε:
> Some vendors are lame too and ship motherboards with dead batteries (or 
> the voltage in them dissipates over time because of parasitic impedances 
> in the area).
> -Garrett

As a field service tech, I am advising all people on the list that there 
is a high probability for 2-3 year old desktop machines to have a CMOS 
battery failure.

I started getting service calls on P4-2Gigs and above just a month ago 
and also my AthlonXP 2600+ machine (motherboard bought in end of 2004) 
had a battery failure. At one instance I had to replace a battery on a 
P4-3G that had been put out of operation for a month (totally unplugged 
from mains power).

Also, stop stocking CR2032 batteries from broken motherboards, they are 
either already failed or nearly at end of life. Always use new spares.

RTFM and STFW before anything bad happens
Thanasis Rizoulis
Electronic Computing Systems Engineer
Larissa, Greece
FreeBSD/PCBSD user

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