Printer issue

Apatewna apatewna at
Sun Apr 1 15:21:33 UTC 2007

O/H Warren Block έγραψε:
> The LJ6L can't directly understand a PDF, and would print binary 
> garbage.  So it's doing what it can.
> If the test print worked, the next step would be to install ghostscript 
> (/usr/ports/print/ghostscript-gpl) and update the printcap file to use 
> the ifhp filter as shown in "Simulating PostScript on Non PostScript 
> Printers" section of the Handbook.
> But that won't work unless the basic printer setup is functional.
> -Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA

Be advised that *almost* all HP Laserjet printers and several other 
laser printers, can be put to work at a standard 300dpi resolution, 
using the HP Laserjet III driver.

Thanasis Rizoulis
Electronic Computing Systems Engineer
Larissa Greece

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