FreeBSD 6.2-Current / P4 Setup

L33T Networks, Inc. fbsdhelp at
Sun Apr 1 13:47:59 UTC 2007

Good morning, everyone.

We just built a system with the following hardware setup:

Pentium 4 3.2 GHz (641) w/Hyperthreading Capability
Mobo with 945G chipset
Dual-Channel DDR2 PC 5400 Memory (2x1GB)
300 GB SATA Hard Disk

This motherboard features onboard video and LAN, which works well for us
since this is just a small business server.

When we attempt to install FreeBSD 6.2 from CD (a CD that is known to have
worked previously ... Just yesterday in fact) it starts to boot, and then

BIOS CD is cd0

The cursor starts to bounce around the screen, moving up 3 lines to the
middle of the screen where it becomes erratic. We can not get it past this
point ... Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,


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