ive been trying to build a kernel all morning!

Dan Nelson dnelson at allantgroup.com
Tue Oct 31 18:45:40 UTC 2006

In the last episode (Oct 31), Jonathan Horne said:
> i have a 6.2-PRERELEASE machine, that i am trying to build a
> 6.1-RELEASE-p10 kernel and world on.
> before i began, i did a rm -rf /usr/src/* /usr/obj/*, and then did a fresh
> cvsup of RELENG_6_1.  i do the same thing i always do, which would be to
> cd to /usr/src, and then issue 'make -j 6 buildkernel KERNCONF=[CONFNAME] 
> (in this case, a conf file named REGULUS).

First step: get rid of the -j6, so the build stops as soon as there's a
compile error.  Or, record the entire output of make and scan it
top-down for the first error message.

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at allantgroup.com

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