Instable machine; hardware or not?

Ronald Paul ronald at
Mon Oct 30 23:21:06 UTC 2006

Cristian Mijea wrote:

>> Yes, it's probably a hardware problem, and yes, it will probably be
>> hard to prove that.  Assuming your time has some value, I would
>> recommend replacing the whole machine; that way, you can have it set
>> up and tested before moving it out on location.
> If the server can work "rock-solid" for a week, I would look at the
> heat factor and also try a new clean install.
> Anyway if time is a factor a new machine is probably a good idea.

An offline-replier advised me to look at the power supply. And since 
that's relatively easy to do and cheap, I'll go with that first. It now 
has a 300 watt no-name PSU for less then €30,-.

I've played with the thought (sorry for this Dutch English) of a second 
machine (this time in a datacenter closer to where I live :-) ) since 
it's the easiest way to upgrade everything without any downtime. Anyway, 
thanks for your advices!

Met vriendelijke groet,
Ronald Paul

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