fsck with freebsd-6.1

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at msu.edu
Mon Oct 30 19:09:49 UTC 2006

> Hello list
> Looking at the man page for fsck, I couldn't find an option to 
> tell fsck when it finds an unreadable sector, to mark it as bad so
> it doesn't get written to another time. If fsck can't do it, is there a
> program in the system or in ports that can?

That generally gets handled nowdays by the disk controller.
It remaps blocks to reserved spare blocks.   When you begin to
see bad blocks mentioned by the OS, it generally means that the
disk has run out of its spare blocks and is beginning to die and 
it is time to replace it - not just mark a block as bad.

I don't think fsck deals with things at that level.  It is more
interested in making sure the structure of the file system is
intact and that is a higher level than bad blocks.   So, I could
be wrong on that part, but I don't think fsck has a option for
marking bad blocks.   

I don't know about a utililty to do it.


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