FreeBSD 6.x and disklabel

Reuben A. Popp rapopp at
Mon Oct 30 17:57:40 UTC 2006

Good morning everyone,

Recently, we've been looking at purchasing a SAN here and I came across this 
site while doing some research.  Seeing as how we just met with reps from 
Apple to discuss their offerings, I thought that the article was well worth 
reading ;)

Anyway,  I realize that the article deals with the 5.x branch, so it may not 
be 100% exact when it comes to our implementation (6.x).  The article makes 
note that as of 5.x, there were many parts that were still 32 bit, which in 
turn affected the maximum filesystem size (~2TB).

Not that we would need a filesystem larger than that, but does anyone know if 
this is still an issue, or was it changed in 6.x, or if there are plans to 
rework it in -CURRENT?

TIA :)
Reuben A. Popp

Reuben A. Popp

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