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Mon Oct 30 17:26:01 UTC 2006

On Mon, Oct 30, 2006 at 08:38:27AM -0800, Rem P Roberti wrote:
> >Rem P Roberti wrote:
> >  
> >>>Rem P Roberti wrote:
> >>>  
> >>>      
> >>>>Boy, I'm glad somebody got embedded URL's to work.  I have been trying 
> >>>>for some time now, and still can't get them to work.  Firefox is named 
> >>>>in KDE, but still no joy.  I'm getting tired of cutting and pasting :)
> >>>>    
> >>>>        
> >>>Have you tried setting ""
> >>>in Thunderbird to "/usr/X11R6/bin/firefox"?
> >>>      
> >>I couldn't find that string in Thunderbird's about:config.
> >>    
> >
> >If you don't find the string, just create it.  Right-click in the config
> >pane and use New -> String to enter the name and its value.
> >  
> Yes, I created the string and inserted the value, but still can't get 
> Thunderbird to bring up Firefox via URL.  Very frustrating.

	When I had similar  problems clicking on URL's in evolution
	and firefox doing zip, I finally found something like a 
	'gnome control center' sub-application that I had to toggle
	to allow the click to spawn firegox.

	I've been wedged in trying to keep my ports current here--
	which is common--so I'm missing lots of things-Gnome as well
	as evolution, epiphany (or "dbus").  I'll check on my Ubuntu 
	server and see if I make any notes on this.


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