accessing BIOS and RAID info on old Compaqs

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Mon Oct 30 12:55:34 UTC 2006


In answer to question 1, it's been a little while (at least 4 year) since I've 
worked on Compaq gear. But, if memory serves me correctly, you hit F10 when 
the cursor kicks from the left hand side of the screen to the right hand 
side. This should be a relatively obvious change, and I believe it's also 
accomanied by a system beep.

However, most of the older Compaq gear required a system partition and  the 
BIOS config was installed there. If you fdisk'd the drive and did not load 
the Compaq system partition back in, you may have problems. That said, there 
were a few system (espeically towards "the end") that had a normal BIOS that 
could be accessed without the system partition loaded. I'm fairly certain 
that F10 was still the correct key to press in that case as well.

HP bought Compaq, and they may still have some of the "legacy" drivers and 
software on the [HP] support site.

In answer to question 2, I'm a FBSD newbie and really have no idea on that 

Hope that helps.


On Sun October 29 2006 23:55, David Newman wrote:
> Greetings. For FBSD 6.1 on old Compaq DL320 and 1850R machines:
> 1. Is there a way to access the system BIOS, either at boot time or
> (preferably) from within FBSD? I'm specifically interested in seeing
> what the system's hardware clock is set to.
> 2. Is there a way to monitor the Compaq Smart Array RAID controllers and
> disks attached to them from within FBSD?
> Smartmontools is great for monitoring disk health, but no good with
> RAID. I don't have Compaq RAID CDs for all the machines in question, and
> in any event would prefer to monitor disks from within FBSD if possible.
> thanks
> dn
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