A Sleeping FreeBSD Box.

nicky nicky at valuecare.nl
Mon Oct 30 09:54:59 UTC 2006

Hello all,

I've got a 'weird' problem and i hope someone get point me in the right 
direction to a proper solution.

Somehow, i have no idea why, but my production server falls asleep. It 
has happened twice now in the last week. When 'sleeping' the box doesn't 
respond to any outside network related communication, like pinging, etc. 
However, when i login through the console. It comes alive and responds 
to everything again, just like normal. It even continues processes that 
were running before it fell 'asleep', which is why i assume they are 
suspended during nap time.

The server has been up and running since August, never had any problems 
with it before. I've checked all logs etc, so far i can't see anything 
as to why it would fall asleep. I figured that even if there is such a 
thing as hibernation on FreeBSD it would turn up in a log, but i've not 
seen it so far.

Does anyone have any idea's/hints on where to look??

FreeBSD version is 6-Stable.



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