What's -STABLE?

Lane lane at joeandlane.com
Mon Oct 30 02:11:23 UTC 2006

Hey, ya'll!

I'm trying to help a guy with a dial-up connection upgrade/update to 6.X, or 
even 5.X.  He's on 4.2 and we can't seem to get cvsup to install, nor can he 
get the whole "ball-o-wax" download from /usr/ports/etc/etc/ports/ports.tgz

So I'm thinking he should use sysinstall to do an upgrade.

I figure he should go to "options" and set the "Release Name," and then just 
do an install.  But I don't know what is the current "Release Name" for 
stable.  I tried "6.1-RELEASE" on my system, but that failed.

Could one of ya'll who has recently (like in the last several days, or weeks) 
downloaded and installed FreeBSD tell me what your "options" menu says 
in "Release Name" from sysinstall?



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