things-Mail: update

Rem P Roberti remegius at
Mon Oct 30 00:04:02 UTC 2006

> Rem P Roberti wrote:
>> Boy, I'm glad somebody got embedded URL's to work.  I have been trying 
>> for some time now, and still can't get them to work.  Firefox is named 
>> in KDE, but still no joy.  I'm getting tired of cutting and pasting :)
> Have you tried setting ""
> in Thunderbird to "/usr/X11R6/bin/firefox"?
> Anyway, I don't run KDE, and maybe I don't pick up what is your problem.
> But, once we're at it, I would like to mention my own problem.  I click
> a link in Thunderbird, and Firefox picks it up.  However, focus is not
> passed to Firefox - the Firefox entry on the taskbar just blinks without
> the corresponding window being raised.  Any solution, please?

I couldn't find that string in Thunderbird's about:config.


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