How to Print from WIN XP to Samba

Gerard Seibert gerard at
Sun Oct 29 17:27:28 UTC 2006

On Sunday October 29, 2006 at 11:36:57 (AM) Derrick Edwards wrote:

> I am having problems setting up windows XP Pro to print to SAMBA Print
> Server. I have an HP PSC 2210, using the HPLIP CUPS driver.  I am
> printing fine from the FreeBSD box that it is attached to. I can browse
> to the printer however, once I connect to it, it says that the correct
> driver is not provided. I downloaded the Windows Driver for the printer
> (rw2_021_w02_enu.exe), and printed fine from the XP box so I know that
> the driver is there and works.  When prompted for path of driver, I
> browse and select the executlable (rw2_021_w02_enu.exe) however, it
> onlys wants the .inf file. I dont know that .inf file that XP wants. Can
> someone help me out on this. Thanks in advance.

What type of printer is it anyway? When I have attempted to print from a
WinXP machine to my FreeBSD one, it installed a printer driver

It appears that this driver is for an HP PhotoSmart printer. Did you
follow the directions on this URL: <>?

You might need to remove the driver and reinstall as described on the HP
page. If that fails, you could try their support line.


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