Unable to get fetch expat-2.0.0._1 from selected media

Matthew Pope mpope at teksavvy.com
Sun Oct 29 05:45:34 UTC 2006

Lane wrote:

>On Saturday 28 October 2006 19:15, Matthew Pope wrote:
>>Addendum (clarification) to my question:
>>- When I boot from the Hard disk, and start /stand/sysinstall with FTP1
>>as the source (since CDROM as source doesn't work), when the Xorg
>>packages are attempted to be added, the download from the FTP server
>>completes but at the end a quick error messages flashes, and then in its
>>place a message is emitted:
>>"add of package expat-2.0.0_1 aborted, error code 1 -
>>Please check the debug screen for more info."
>>The same message is repeated for these libraries:
>>P.S. Where is the debug screen?
>>Matthew Pope wrote:
>>>FreeBSD 6.1 (p10) Release
>>>Asus motherboard on Intel P4
>>>IDE drives
>>>Realtek network adaptor chipset  (no problems so far with that)
>>>ATAPI CDROM/writer
>>>Behind firewall. (no problems so far with that)
>>>I'd like to add the xorg distribution set to my existing FreeBSD
>>>system recently upgraded to release 6.1.
>>>A) When I boot from the Hard disk and attempt to load the distribution
>>>from the CD-ROM (Disk 0 as requested), I get:
>>>"unable to get packages/INDEX file from selected media"
>>>B) When I boot from either the hard disk, or the CD-ROM, and try to
>>>source xorg from a FreeBSD FTP server, I get:
>>>"unable to fetch expat-2.0.0_1 from selected media"
>>>C) I've noted through trial and error that when booting from the Hard
>>>disk, I need to remove the "-p10" from the release name in the options
>>>screen or it will reject all FTP servers as not being able to source
>>>for my distribution.  This is ephemeral and not related to my
>>>question, more a bug report actually.
>>>Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong, or a debug path would be helpful.
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>I think you could probably shortcut some of this by doing:
>portinstall x11/xorg
>after logging in as root
>if you get:
>portinstall: Command not found
>then do this:
>cd /usr/ports/sysutils/portupgrade
>make all install
>Then retry 
>portinstall x11/xorg
>email me if that doesn't work for you
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Yes, that worked, thank you!! That's a heck of a lot easier thanks!

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