freebsd equivelent to the linux ethtool command?

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Sun Oct 29 03:07:48 UTC 2006

In the last episode (Oct 28), Jonathan Horne said:
> i have a computer that recently stopped obeying WOL packets, after i
> did a dual boot of freebsd/suse 10.1.  before i put suse on there,
> WOL always worked just fine.
> apparently, the linux driver for my network card, put the nic in
> "always off" mode, and in order to be able to WOL later, i have to
> shut the linux off in "wol g" mode (using ethtool, so it can listen
> for packets later).  even in freebsd now tho, its still not listening
> for WOL packets.  is there something in freebsd i can use to edit the
> behavior of the driver, to make sure the nic powers down in
> "wol-listen" mode?

I didn't even know you could toggle WOL outside of the BIOS.  Check
there, or maybe your NIC's config page (Ctrl-S during bootup for Intel

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